On-Demand (printing, CD, DVD and other goodies)

Friday, May 06, 2005

On demand production - when it works and when it does not.

There are many cases where on-demand production works really well and some when it doesn't.

Some examples where on-demand works best:

- Software companies do not need to order / stock or produce themselves manuals and CD -- they can get them shipped to the clients when the software is ordered. Each shipment will be produced

with the latest bug fixes and updates.

- Distance education institutions outsource material production, fulfillment and related technical support -- they don't need to be concerned with guesstimating number of students that would register for a specific course, ordering printed materials and media from different companies, fulfillment and technical support.

- Knowledge consultants - sell books and CDs / DVDs without investing anything in inventory, and are able to adjust all materials with the new developments in the field.

There are still situations where traditional long run works still better, for example you want to distribute 100000 copies at once :-)

And finally, if you just wrote new "War And Peace" (size-wise) and plan to sell it on your web site for $9.99, I have a bad news for you -- production cost will be prohibitive given your sale price.

Just my $0.02 triggered by today's conversations with clients, possible clients and impossible clients :-)


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