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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Software use in on-demand DVD, CD, printing materials production

Can on-demand ordering of DVD, CD, printing materials be done using old methods, such as phone, fax or regular e-mail? Experience shows, it does not work very well.

On demand production assumes frequent orders (on a daily or weekly basis) of materials that are updated often. Materials is usually ordered in small quantities, and often needs to be shipped to several different addresses. Without software that streamlines the process sooner or later several company employees will place the same order, other order will fall through the cracks, incorrect version of the document will be printed (when document is updated
often and each new version is e-mailed to the printer, in a couple of days nobody will know what the latest and correct version is), documents will be shipped to incorrect locations, etc., etc.

So a good software system is very essential to the process, and at least it needs to include ability to manage documents, upload and replace files, preview documents for which order is being placed, ability to place orders, track orders, review order history. There are many other useful features that on demand production software may have - many of them can be specific to the company's way of doing business.


  • I agree - without the tight recording and control system the process of ordering materials on demand can become a mess. But canned software would probably not work for many companies - it will need to be customized to adapt to the company's way of doing business.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:52 PM  

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