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Thursday, May 05, 2005

US Mail vs. FedEx

A call from a prospect today:
(Prospect): We are interested in CD and DVD on-demand production
Great, that's what we do

[ Discussion of details follows]

(Prospect): So, if you receive an order for a DVD by 11 a.m., you produce it the same day, then put it in the envelope, stick a $0.37 stamp on it and drop it in the mail?
In my experience using mail for fulfillment is the best way to poison relationship between us.
(Prospect): ????
(Me): What happens if customer calls you and says he never received anything?

(Prospect): I guess we will have to re-send the DVD...
Who picks the tab for duplicate production?
(Prospect): You can send by registered mail.
But then the price would be significantly higher than $0.37 plus I would have to send an employee to the post office to spend time standing in line. On the other hand, we have daily FedEx pickup na dcan ship any way you want it - from Priority Overnight to Ground. All in all it will be not much more expensive (in some cases even cheaper) for you and we will always know when the package was delivered, where it was delivered to and who signed for it.No room for doubts (i.e. "Did they really made that DVD and send it out?")
(Prospect): I didn't think about it this way.

Side note: do you remember, it was time (about 1998-99?) when Amazon tried sending books to customers by mail? Do you remember how long it lasted? Three or four months, if not less. Then they switched back to FedEx. And since I am shipping a lot every day I know exactly why :-)


  • If you ask me, I don't buy anything where they ship by mail - no way to know when it will be delivered and I hate to order, pay and then have no idea if I will ever get it. In normal business people have the same attitude, in my humble experience. It's the guys who call you and start converstaion with "I do not have any money" line that want you to lick a stamp, but they also want you to repeat the order at your expense if the first one got lost. Just take it easy.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:14 PM  

  • What so bad in wanting to save money?!
    I, for one don't have a habit of throwing dollar bills around.

    By Anonymous Jess, at 2:40 PM  

  • The question was not about "throwing dollar bills around", but about receiving best impact with the money you have. If you are doing mass-mailing of your presentation CD(DVD), then, should post office loose 10-20 pieces out of 10,000, you are still fine. If a customer ordered your DVD, didn't receive it in time and you have to re-send duplicate, then it's not fine.

    By Blogger On-Demand, at 5:33 PM  

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