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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Wow! I got some time :-)

It's Saturday eve and I finally got to doing what I ment to do for a while now - writing the blog. Thanks to everybody who noticed my absence. To answer your questions: yes, I am still alive, Delta L Printing is kicking and everything is running smoothly. It's just that the process of running smoothly in a growing company is much different to what other people mean when they say "running smoothly" :-). But that's O.K. We are nearing release of Printer Diamond / Educational -- the latest and greatest in the field of education management software. No kidding when I say "latest and greatest" -- it's not your run-off-the-mill LMS. Some of the features you will find in PD/E:
  • course management / scheduling
  • managing students / registrations / courseware materials
  • courseware ordering module
  • shipping module
  • reports

. . . but wait, there is more! (as they say in these late-night commercials :-)

But to make this "more" happen I got to stop here and go run yet few more test. We'll be online with PD/E soon - and when we will, you will have free trial to see for yourself. Hopefully, before the end of this year.

See ya.


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